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Mobile - Multi Station FM Android App

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Multi Station FM Android App

People love virtually working things these days to make them with listening to music in a number of ways. One of the best ways everyone has chosen is FM that has to be run in connection with the mobile so we discover this idea and present Multi Station FM Android App to find an endless level of new music and chill out. It is work based on online support style live streaming ever FM music and the powerful simple customizable app helps to hear your favorite song station in live with an Android device compatible. Multipurpose FM APK App is ready for sale. The result of this android app is eventually playing music stuff you like will be a good experience for you to a best-ever startup venture business.

Online Radio Streaming Mobile App has many advanced features and smooth navigation experience such as the option of record and saves the audio from the radio channel, able to set the timer to start the FM and same as to stop the FM and recorded audio song will be stored in the format of MP3. A user can select any radio channel from the list of channels present and play it by clicking the button also extra channel can be extremely easy configurable added of channel listing by playing the online live streaming URL’s.

Live Streaming Android App supports social network of Facebook and Twitter integration to share their posts and events socially reach to cover the users easily. From the side of admin, effectively manage content management for the website pages and manage their own privacy policy of condition terms then rate the app by anyone, share the app by its play store URL.

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