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PHP Scripts - Video Sharing Script

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Video Sharing Script

Last few years people are interested to upload of their videos in websites; video sharing is one of the hottest businesses on that time. People don’t have time to read stories; they always like to watch videos. So only, we have developed the Video sharing script. This Youtube Clone Script is the most popular and many of them used script to make a powerful and effective video sharing website like YouTube, daily motion or other. PHP Video Sharing Script allows you to make your website friendly. People are using mobile phones and laptops, that’s why we have developed this application. Our Video Sharing Script supports various formats of videos and formats the video. As for our industry testing report our Video Sharing Script supports more million videos that support in the fraction of second. User continues more than 10 thousand videos at the same time.

The great advantage of this script is purely responsive templates, search engine friendly, URL; you don’t need to spend time for SEO. It is clearly validate HTML code by well organized coding; Google and other major search engine accepted the new uploaded videos. You can edit video through admin, change the title, explanation and tags. It is easy to separate the video as public or private for those who don’t like to share.

I would like to inform this Vimeo Clone Script is not only for the php video sharing script. It is adaptable by using image sharing, music articles, games uploaded and other sharing scripts. This script is very easy to handling for users; you can prevent users from uploading, downloading or doing other unwanted activity, with giving them limited rights. It has the membership model, having the additional revenue user membership and well organized google adsence and other banner advertisements.

We are in the 15th year, so we will always help you behind, if you need any technical modules help. We will free upgrade next 6 months.

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