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Mobile - Rental Products Android Application

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Rental Products Android Application


  • In the home page, there are three types of search the Rental agencies.
  • Search by city or category or both
  • search by top Rental agencies
  • view all Rental agencies
  • In the top corner of the page, there is an icon to “become a Rental agency” option if the user wants to register their own Rental agency.
  • In the home page there is an navigation menu which contains the follows:
    • Home
    • My Profile
    • My Reviews
    • My Bookings
    • My Appointments(if Agency owner)
    • User Reviews (if Agency owner)
    • Manage License (if Agency owner)
    • Logout

Search Results:

  • In this page, user / agency owner can see the list of Rental agencies based on their search.
  • It will show the Rental agency’s name, experience, overall ratings, address, image, etc.
  • By clicking “call” button, user / agency owner can make a call to that Rental agency.
  • By clicking “Details”, user / agency owner can view full details of that Rental agency.


  • In this page, shows full details of the results. It contains Rental agency name, image, rental charge, contact information, business timing of the Rental agency, etc.
  • User can view the ratings and reviews about this Rental agency by clicking the icon which is present in the top right corner of the page.
  • User can write a review and give ratings to the Rental agency. At the same time agency owner can also write review and give ratings to other Rental agencies.

My Reviews:

  • In this page, user /agency owner can view the list of reviews given by them.
  • They can view or delete the review by clicking the icons.

My Bookings:

  • In this page, user /agency owner can see the booking details with agency name, no of days and status of the booking.
  • There is a “cancel” button to cancel the booking at any time.

Manage License:

  • In this page, agency owner can edit their official details like experience, office address, office phone number, business timings, rental charge, etc.

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