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Mobile - Book Store Android Application

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Book Store Android Application

Selling books throughthe online is an emerging trend although makes profitable business thorough renting books or selling respectively. You can find a number of vendors who offer EBook selling android application but you can find unique features from Php Scripts Mall for a long-term standard business. Through Android Studio we have followed web trends to motivate the user experience throughout the bookstore platform.

Being a user-friendly structure, the user can navigate into the application with no trouble. People have migrated to learn books, stories through mobile application rather finding bookstore shops. To support the advanced internet era, our marketplace bookstore application supports multipurpose business model like physical media, eBooks reading and audio books etc. Registered user can filter the desired results search by city or category, by top books. The user can read books, stories by book name, image, the price for rental purchase, author name, full description about the book and the author, etc.

The user can view the ratings and reviews about this by clicking the icon which is present in the top right corner of the page as well as write reviews on purchased items.In the review, section the user can view the updated review of particular books. Whereas in the appointment section user can see the order details with book name, order type, order date and status of the order, at any case one can also cancel the order if not interested.

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