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PHP Scripts - Auction website script

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Auction website script

This auction website script is a branded new script that developed an innovative trading platforms and online auctions. We have developed this script that suited for individual business entrepreneurs. This PHP Auction Scripts has a numeric functionality which suits a cent percent for auction site. It emphasizes three different kind of auction based on time, budget and buy now concept.

Though admin can entrench for product description, costing details, expire details and buy current value. It has discrete number of categories through our persuasive CMS and we can customize. According to their specification and the product, you can bargain any kind of business for both antique product and latest electronic goods.

We’ll promise you cent percent you let to start auction website you can buy our readymade PHP Online Auction Script. Because we’ve more than hundred different features including three different payment gateway and multi-language support. The latest Google SEO algorithm has been updated. We are guarantee for one year technical supports and have an offer of six months upgrade of source code.

Advanced features:

  1. Search option:
    1. Keyword.
    2. Price.
    3. Category.
  2. Product management:
    1. View product detail.
    2. Comment detail.
    3. User feedback.
    4. Social sharing.
    5. Star rating.
    6. Add favorite option.
    7. Counts of bids.
  3. My account:
    1. Dashboard.
    2. Account details.
    3. Order history.
    4. My favorites.
  4. Advertising management.
  5. Action status management.
  6. Coupons management.
  7. Campaign management.
  8. Order management.
  9. Newsletter management.
  10. CMS management.
  11. Detailed dashboard.
  12. Responsive design.
  13. Dynamic contact form
  14. User friendly general settings.
  15. Security features
    1. Two factor authentication.
    2. Real time locking.
    3. IP management
    4. Firewall control.
  16. Cache features
    1. High speeds download.
    2. Optimized CSS features.
    3. Browser cache management.
  17. SEO features
    1. Title & meta format update through admin.
    2. 404 page notification.
    3. 301 reductions.
    4. Social media link updation.

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