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Mobile - Theater Android App

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Theater Android App

In this current world, peoples are showing interest to watch movies in the theatre for the first day first shows movies. They don’t have time to buy tickets in the queue for the movie. So Phpscriptsmall mobile application developers developed the Android Movie Ticket Booking Apps for the online movie ticket booking, so the peoples can easily book and buy tickets for the favorite movies online. Our Online Movie Ticket Booking App saves times for theatre owners, peoples and reduces their work.

Our Online Movie Ticket Booking App provides a good experience while booking tickets online. The user needs to login with the valid username and password to enter into the mobile application. In the home page, the list of movies will be displayed with the quality images, name, and language of the movie. The navigation menu is available in the home page which follows the home, history, profiles, terms and condition and logout. By clicking into the movie in the movies list, the user can see the full details of the movie. By clicking the book now button, the user can book tickets for the movie online. After that dialog box will appear, the user needs to give correct details like date, show time, and the number of seats to confirm their booking.

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