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Keyword Search By Mother Tongue, Religion, Age, Gender, country, city wise with photo and with specific words in their profile (e.g. lawyer, Iyer, New Jersey) . Profession Search By Mother Tongue, Religion, Age, Gender, country, city wise with photo and by profession . Online Member Search By Mother Tongue, Religion, Age, Gender, country and who are currently online. Saved searches The searches that are saved can be run and the result can be viewed here . Search Profile by ID Search by members profile ID Communicate Inbox Messages received from others will be displayed here. Compose Enter the messages that need to be send to other users Sent items Messages send to others will be displayed here. Draft Messages that are not send but saved for sending after sometime will be shown here. Trash Deleted messages from the inbox will be show here. My Matches Accepted Members Members who have accepted my interest will be displayed here Favourites Members whom I have shortlisted as favourite will be displayed here Interest Sent Members to whom I have send my profile details will be shown here. Interest Received Members who have expressed interest in my profile will be displayed here. Members I am Looking For Members who match my partner preference will be shown here. Members Looking For Me My Profile which matches other persons partner preference will be shown here. Invite Friends Friends of yours can be invited to join this site. Success Story Submit Success Story Success stories arranged year wise View Success Stories approved by ADMIN.Other FeaturesUser can Upload/Modify Photos (single/multiple) Express Interest Refine result based on the search Integrated Payment gateway (easily configurable from the admin side).ADMIN (Backend) Login Module Login with admin username and password. Option to change admin username and password. User ManagementSite statistics containing the number of registered members, free members, paid members, grooms profile, bride profile etc. Delete Member Profiles Block / unblock member profiles View profiles like grooms list, free members , platinum members , gold members , diamond members , brides list etc Search members based on their username, email. Country Management Add country and edit/delete country Add State and edit/ delete state Add City and edit /delete City. Community management Admin can add new community Edit/delete existing community. Language/caste management Admin can add new language/ caste Edit/delete existing language /caste Renewals Management Paid members whose renewal date is approaching is displayed here. Admin can send mail to them informing about the expiry date of the membership. General Settings / CMS The website name , paypal id for payment, keywords/ Description for SEO , logo for the site , smtp mail port and smtp mail server etc can be configured from here. Terms of use , about us , privacy policy , contact us details etc can be configured from here. News Letter Admin can send mail to the registered members Option to send mail to multiple users at the same time is there. Search member based on the username is there. Reports Features Reports of the membership availed and the customers address details. Consolidated accounts of the amount generated from memberships The various membership account and option to add new one and manage existing one. Search Members Search members based on various criteria like mother tongue , country , state , city , Religion and caste. Success Story Approvals Features Admin can view the success stories posted by the user. Admin can edit/ delete /approve /disapprove success stories posted by the user. Those success stories approved by the admin will get displayed at the user side.Photo Approval Features Main photo approval and disapproval Photo Album approvals and disapprovals. Featured Members Features The profile of the members who have subscribed for platinum membership will be shown here.       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